Paddy Campbell

Paddy Campbell is showing his new landscape oil paintings of the Rossendale valley as part of The Whitaker’s Dialect-i-fest. The Pennine hills dominate the landscape of Rossendale. They add altitude and attitude to the sky and the people. Towers and bleak moors look down on our crowded, green valley under the sun-drenched murk of a Lancaster Sky.

Landscape painter Paddy Campbell has produced a stunning collection of new paintings. His new work has a bright crispness that makes them a pleasure to see. The exuberant use of colour and form in Paddy Campbell’s work stems from the on-site, plein-air nature of production. Indeed it is the production process that gives the paintings their honesty and enthusiasm.


Further information:
  • Opening times  Wednesday – Sunday, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Free admission
  • Further information Tel: 01706260785; email: