Julie England


Julie England, BA (hons) MA,  is an old girl of Queen Mary School, married to David England, farmer and ex County Tennis Player. She lives at Moss Side near Lytham and has two sons and two granddaughters.

Julie has always had an interest in Art and The Arts and joined Fylde DFAS when the society was first formed. She began Scuba diving at the age of 55 and started taking photographs because she was fascinated by what she was seeing. Previously she had only taken family snaps. She found it It all fairly scary to begin with but so beautiful! She began taking holidays where the water was warm!

Julie joined Lytham St Annes Photographic Society, where her photography improved to a standard where she could compete successfully in National and International competitions.

These photographs were taken in various tropical waters but mostly in the Red Sea. Julie is still doing some diving when possible and enjoys all kinds of photography including some reportage for DFAS. Several of the more professional photos on this website were taken by Julie.