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Individual Albums include:


2017-2018 season

July 2018: Programme Launch event at the Lowther Pavilion

July 2018: Volunteers Afternoon Tea at the Pavilion, St Annes

July 2018: Lecture – Discovering MacDonald Gill: Architect, Artist and Mapmaker by Caroline Walker

June 2018: Lecture – This is Wren: the Classical, the Baroque and the City of London Churches by Tony Tucker

May 2018: Day trip to Blackwell Arts & Craft House, Bowness and the Quaker Tapestry Museum, Kendal

May 2018: Lecture – Seven Acts of Mercy by Ghislaine Howard

April 2018: Lecture – Telling the Time Throughout the Ages by Kevin Karney

March 2018: Study Day – The Art of Japan by Dr Meri Arichi

March 2018: Lecture – Isabella d’Este by Sarah Dunant

February 2018: Lecture – Osborne, Pinter & Co: Post-War British Theatre by Giles Ramsay

February 2018: AGM

January 2018: Lecture – Eileen Gray – an Irish Rebel by Nicholas Merchant

December 2017: Christmas Lunch

December 2017: Lecture – Messenger or Missile? Angels With Glad Tidings, Doom, Gloom or Perdition by Caroline Holmes

November 2017: Lecture – The Other Side: Counter Memorials – Germany’s Post-WWII Culture of Apology and Atonement by Angela Findlay

October 2017: Lecture – Foreigners in London 1520 – 1677: The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art by Leslie Primo


2016-2017 season

September 2017: Lisbon Cultural Tour

July 2017: Excursion to Southport & Rufford Old Hall 

July 2017: Volunteers’ Tea Party

July 2017: Lecture – Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard 1909–1939 by James Taylor

June 2017: Lecture – The Elgin Marbles by Dr Stephen Kershaw

May 2017: EGM & Lecture – The Legendary Lee Miller by Antony Penrose

April 2017: Excursion to Kirby Lonsdale & Leighton Hall 

April 2017: Lecture – Northern lights – Scandinavian design in the mid-20th century by Deborah Lambert

March 2017  Special Interest Day – Queen of Sheba and Treasures of the Silk Road by Christopher Bradley

March 2017: Lecture – Lawrence of Arabia by Dr Neil Faulkner

February 2017: AGM & Lecture – “A little revolution” Eric Gill, Jacob Epstein and the revival of direct carving into stone by Madeline Goold

January 2017: New Year Lunch

January 2017: Lecture – Caravaggio – the bad boy of the Baroque by Daniel Evans

December 2016: Lecture – Will the real Santa Claus please stand up? by Dr Janet Robson

November 2016: Lecture – Opera – set and costume design by Simon Rees

October 2016: Lecture – Masters of the Northern Renaissance (Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Hans Memling) by Lizzie Darbyshire


2015-2016 season

May 2016: Lecture – Music in the great art collections of Europe by Peter Medhurst

April 2016: Lecture – The Dollar Princesses – American Women who married into the European Aristocracy by Anna Sebba

March 2016: Lecture – William Hogarth by Linda Smith

February 2016: Special Interest Day – 19th Century France by Carole Petipher

February 2016: Lecture – Tapestry – the ultimate wall decoration by Dr Susan Kay-Williams

February 2016: AGM

January 2016: New Year’s Lunch

January 2016: Lecture – Pugin – God’s romantic Victorian Architect by Hugh Ellwood

December 2015: Lecture – Blue and white porcelain by Anne Haworth

November 2015: Lecture – Andalucía: the Arabs in Spain – the art and architecture of al-Andalus by Sarah Searight

October 2015: Lecture – Love, Art and Tragedy – Close encounters in a Cornish Art colony by Catherine Wallace


2014-2015 season

July 2015: Lecture – The Punch and Judy Show – A Subversive symbol from Commedia dell’Arte to the Present Day by Bertie Pearce

July 2015: Volunteers’ Afternoon Tea

June 2015: Lecture – Rene Lalique: Master of Art Nouveau Jewellery and Art Deco Glass by Dr Anne Anderson

June 2015: Special Interest Day – Wallace Collection by Stephen Duffy

May 2015: Lecture  – A Mediterranean Tour: Not just a Load of Old Stones by Gillian Hovell

April 2015: Lecture  – War Artists: Paul Nash, C R W Nevinson and the Great War, by Dr David Boyd Haycock

March 2015: Lecture – Thomas Heatherwick: the “new Leonardo da Vinci of British design” (Sir Terence Conran) by Anthea Streeter

February 2015: Lecture – Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore by Gerald Deslandes

January 2015: Lecture – Faber + Faber – 90 years of excellence in cover design by Toby Faber

December 2014: Christmas Lunch

December 2014: Lecture  – Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes by Dr Rosamund Bartlett

November 2014: Lecture – The Gillows Story and its Furniture by Janusz Karczewski Slowikowski

October 2014: Lecture – Velásquez and Goya: Traditionalists or Modern Masters? by Alice Foster


2013-2014 season

September 2014: DFAS At Night – An evening lecture on Budapest with Hungarian Supper 

September 2014: Cultural Tour of Budapest – Series 1; Series 2

July 2014: Volunteers’ Afternoon Tea

July 2014 Lecture: Shock! Horror! Probe! The art and artifice of Fleet Street: A newspaper story in pictures by Geri Parlby

June 2014: Lecture – Gertrude Jekyll: Artist and Gardener by Twigs Way

May 2014: Lecture – Life with Lytton: Dora Carrington and her Circle by Sandra Pollard

April 2014: Lecture – Islamic Art – exploring the decorative arts of the Islamic world by Christopher Bradley

March 2014: Lecture – Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera – the Golden Age of Mexican Painting by Chloe Sayer

February 2014: Lecture – Fabergé at the Court of the Tsar by Nicholas Merchant

January 2014: Lecture – The Age of Jazz! Art Deco Fashion and Style by Sally Hoban

January 2014: New members event

December 2013: Christmas Lunch

December 2013: Lecture – Tantrums and Tiaras – Behind the Scenes at the Royal Opera House by Nigel Bates

November 2013: Lecture – Salute to the Holiest – Lutyens, churches and the commemoration of war by Clyde Binfield

November 2013: AGM

October 2013: Cultural tour of Madrid, Segovia, etc Series 1; Series 2;  Series3

October 2013: Lecture – Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – the representation of the working classes in art by Linda Smith


2012-2013 season

September 2013: DFAS At Night – Tapas Evening

April 2013: Lecture – Legend and Lustre: Jim Thomson and Thai Silk by Denise Heywood

March 2013: Lecture – Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites by Michael Wheeler

February 2013: Special Interest Day – Pulling Pictures Apart by Alexandra Drysdale

February 2013: Lecture  – My Day in the Life of Salvador Dalí by Peter Webb

December 2012: Lecture – Merrily on High: the History of the British Carol by Peter Medhurst

December 2012: Christmas Lunch

November 2012: Lecture – Samuel Foote: One-legged Comedy Superstar of the 18th Century Stage – Art and the Birth of British Comedy by Ian Kelly

October 2012: Lecture – Picasso’s Women by Nirvana Romell


2011-2012 season

September 2012: Exhibition – Fly Away Birdie

July 2012: Volunteers’ Afternoon Tea

July 2012: Lecture – The Original Olympic Games by Dr Ann Birchall

June 2012: Lecture – Windsor Restored: a Diamond Jubilee Celebration Lecture by Barbara Askew

May 2012: Cultural Tour – The Art & Palaces of Bologna, Ravenna, Padova & Parma

May 2012: Lecture – The Mosaics of Ravenna by Rt Revd Christopher Herbert

May 2012: AGM

April 2012: Lecture – Tate Ancient: The Earliest Art by Ben Roberts

April 2012: Exhibition – Drawn From Youth (2)

March 2012: DFAS At Night – The Georgian Country House At Home and Abroad, by Roger Mitchell

March 2012: Lecture – Power, Propaganda And Men In Tights: English Art Under The Tudors by Linda Smith

January 2012: Lecture – Angels With Dirty Faces by Heather Davis

December 2011: Christmas Lunch

November 2011: Lecture – Buildings Of The London Olympics 2012 by Anthea Streeter

October 2011: Special Interest Day: 5,000 Years of Glass by Andy McConnell 

October 2011: Lecture – Who Says? Can We Trust The Experts On Good And Bad In Art? by David Phillips