Grundy At Lightpool: Neon, New Media and Natural Light

This year for Lightpool 2023, Grundy is providing a day-time offer for the festival with a late night opening on Friday 20 October until 7pm.

The Storm Cone, Laura Daly with music by Lucy Pankhurst.
Download the App at to experience the Artwork.

The Storm Cone is an immersive artwork that unearths lost bandstands and their buried past. Originally commissioned by University of Salford Art Collection and Metal, the lost bandstands of Peel Park, Salford and Chalkwell Park, Southend were The Storm Cone’s starting point. Through newly commissioned music by composer Lucy Pankhurst, and eight interrelated sound works by Daly,The Storm Cone charts a story of loss, celebration, human strength and fragility. This autumn, The Storm Cone is transported to Blackpool as part of Grundy’s Lightpool presentation where it uncovers the site of one of the town’s own lost bandstands. The Storm Cone combines augmented reality technology with the real world in a breathtaking experience. To access the artwork, audiences are invited to download The Storm Cone app onto any compatible hand-held device (mobile phone/tablet). The app guides the user to a location on Blackpool’s Central Promenade, opposite Blackpool Tower where a bandstand once stood. Then Storm Cone will begin!

Illuminated from Within, Fiona Grady

To tie in with Blackpool’s season of light and the Lightpool festival, Grundy has extended the display of Fiona Grady’s Illuminated from Within until 16 December. Through her use of light, colour, surface and scale, the artist’s colourful geometric artwork transforms the setting of Grundy’s forecourt. Activated by changes in the direction and intensity of daylight Illuminated from Within quietly marks the passing of time whilst also providing a dynamic contribution to the Grundy at Lightpool programme.

Blackpool Light of My Life (2023 edit) CHILA KUMARI SINGH BURMAN MBE
Front of Gallery between 6pm-10pm.

In 2021 Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool Illuminations and Lightpool Festival co-commissioned new work from the internationally recognised artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman. The resulting piece, Blackpool Light of My Life, took the form of a riotous display of multi-coloured new light works that that were installed on the front of Grundy Art Gallery. Informed by the artist’s Indian Roots and her Liverpudlian upbringing the work was described as a love letter to the town. While a number of pieces from the original installation are now out on tour to other UK light festivals, an edited version of Blackpool Light of My Life will be presented on the front of Grundy Art Gallery for this year’s Lightpool Festival. Elsewhere in the town, new work by Chila Kumari Singh Burman can be seen as part of this year’s Blackpool Illuminations who have commissioned a new large-scale feature by the artist called Lollies in Love with Life.


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