Grundy X Lightpool X Hybrid Futures

Hybrid Futures is a multi-part collaboration focusing on climate, sustainability, collaborative learning and co-production between Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, Touchstones Rochdale, University of Salford Art Collection and Shezad Dawood Studio. for more information on Hybrid Futures.

RA Walden’s the universe is a clock (i) schrödinger’s equation, time dependent (2023), has been commissioned as part of Hybrid Futures. In this work, the numerals of a clock are replaced with the different elements from an equation by the Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist Schrödinger. Made from clear glass and helium gas, this work brings the physical world and the world of physics together to invite the viewer to consider their own understandings of time. As we occupy bodies in their varying states of health, on a planet careening toward sickness and at a time when the future is so unknown; this work also opens up questions of clock time, sick time, and normative time-keeping.

Shezad Dawood‘s neon work, Island Pattern (2017), has been co-acquired as part of Hybrid Futures. It is informed by studies of the wave patterns in the Venice Lagoon and tells the story of a city at increasing risk from climate change and rising seas levels. The ideas for Island Pattern evolved out of conversations with Marine Engineer Angela Pomero and the chief designer at Venice’s Fortuny textile factory, Pietro Lunetta who had created a textile print using the same wave pattern data. Adding his own family history of links to the textile trade in Pakistan and the North West of England to these discussions, Dawood’s research sought to understand how the seemingly disparate subjects of pattern, migration and climate change, intersect.


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