Object transformations through the coordinate of time is a solo exhibition of newly commissioned and existing works by the UK born, Berlin-based artist, RA Walden. Spanning sculpture, installation, text and moving image, the works in this exhibition mark and measure the passing of time. Drawing on reference points as varied as, quantum physics, the ecological crisis, ancient timekeeping and the life cycle of worms, Walden is asking us to consider time at both a macro and micro level. More specifically, as an artist with lived experience of a disability, RA Walden also uses their work to explore and express non-normative experiences of time. From sculptures made from hacked office clocks, to texts that ask who and what defines, ‘work’, Walden’s exhibition also provides a poetic meditation on lives and bodies whose timekeeping does not conform to the supposed ‘norm’.

RA Walden is a transdisciplinary artist whose work centres a queer, disabled perspective on the fragility of the body. Their practice spans sculpture, installation, video and printed matter, all of which is undertaken with a socially engaged and research-led methodology. RA Walden has exhibited at Storm King Art Centre, New York, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool as part of GRUNDY x LIGHTPOOL x HYBRID FUTURES, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, HAU, Berlin, The National Gallery of Australia, SOHO20, New York, and Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam.