Sharing Space: Architect JC Robinson Through a Diverse Lens

JC Robinson was Blackpool Borough’s architect in the 1920s – 1940s. From schools to swimming baths, markets, memorial halls and more, JC Robinson is responsible for the design of some of the town’s most iconic buildings. Using painting, photography, sculpture, moving image, oral history and archival materials, this exhibition sees contemporary Blackpool-based practitioners, returning to the site of these buildings to reveal and reinterpret their stories.

Sharing Space includes work by The New Langdale Photographers and artists from the pARTnership. The New Langdale is a Blackpool Council day-time service for people with a learning-disability. The pARTnership offers bespoke creative and career development opportunities for contemporary visual artists with a learning disability.

The project is led by Blackpool-based photographer, Claire Walmsley Griffiths, supported by photographers Elizabeth Gomm and Donna Hannigan and is funded by Arts Council England via their National Lottery project programme.


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