“l didn’t realise how much work people are doing behind the scenes”

Published on 21 October 2016 Under Latest News

“Although l always enjoy the lectures, Special Interest Days and involvement in the heritage volunteer work, l didn’t realise how much work people are doing behind the scenes. Those presentations made me more appreciate how vibrant Fylde DFAS is.”

programme-event2The above is just one of many similar comments made by Fylde DFAS members who attended our programme launch event earlier this week. While socialising over wine and canapés at the Glendower Hotel, members were able to discover more about what our team leaders do and volunteer their services.

We heard presentations from the five team leaders who look after our programme, events, heritage projects, young arts and communications, and members were later able to chat to each of the leaders at their respective stands.

The evening provided a great informal opportunity for members to discover more about what goes on behind the scenes and identify areas they could maybe help with. Thanks to all who came along and a special thanks to those who signed up to help!

Thanks too to Kunie Couch for her photographs.