Trails of Discovery

A Children’s Trail of Discovery, created by former Heritage Team Leader Jacqueline Love, for Fairhaven Reformed Church – the White Church – was launched during Heritage 􏰀􏰁Open Days F􏰂estival of History and Culture in September 2019.

The Trail comprises a question sheet for children between the ages of eight and 12, and an answer sheet for the accompanying adult. It leads the children around the church using simple maps, asking them to answer questions, find items, count, read and draw as they go. The aim is to help children notice art, architecture and furnishings, and to appreciate the community and national history these beautiful buildings are a part of.

The Church Trail was formally launched when it was tried and tested in October 2019 by 33 children from Ansdell Primary School, who visited the Church and took part in the Trail. Once competed, the children performed Sing Hosanna in the choir stalls and had a packed lunch in the Church Hall. According to the Church ‘this was a successful visit, which the children found engaging’.