Literary Bird is Winning Design for Library Garden Sculpture


St Annes Library garden is to get a ‘literary bird’ sculpture as part of the It’s a Birdie project. Nearly 80 birdies were created at the St Annes Library workshops, held in May. All ages took part, ranging from toddlers to grandparents. Working together with FoSAL (Friends of St Annes Library), artist Patrica Lee took away all the ideas behind these 80 birds, in order to decide on a winning design that would be the basis of her sculpture for the library garden.

The winning bird is ‘Birdsworth’, a literary bird, which will now be transformed into a beautiful mosaic and fused glass permanent piece of art. Patricia has given him a bit of a Wordsworth look with the hair and collar! He has a host of golden daffodils on his breast – individually made from fused glass. His beak is golden and his wings are red and gold; his back and head are a sky blue. Well known quotes from books will be incorporated on the wings, encapsulated in yellow fused glass.

Fused glass daffodils

The 80 perspex birdies will be used to decorate shops, hotels and restaurants in St Annes during the Open Golf Championship.
They can all be viewed on the It’s A Birdie! web site at