Fylde DFAS Improving Your Well Being!

Published on 20 May 2012 Under Latest News

Fylde DFAS could be responsible for improving the well being of its residents! Apparently, listening to five minutes of birdsong every day can be said to help beat the blues, and may provide other benefits.  A three-year research project looking into the impact of birdsong on human well being and behaviour has been launched  by the University of Surrey, in partnership with the National Trust and Surrey Wildlife Trust.

As part of the Its A Birdie! project, shops, businesses, hotels and restaurants will be asked to play recordings of birdsong, captured by Fylde DFAS members and turned into sound art by artist Rebecca Chesney. The recordings have been compiled in co-operation with the RSPB Centre at Fairhaven. Various locations have been used, including Witch Wood, the Estuary, Fairhaven Lake, the Royal Lytham St Annes golf course, and the crematorium.

The Surrey University research project will also investigate whether there is any difference between listening to recorded birdsong compared to hearing birds in their natural environment. Maybe our residents will be able to tell them!

Its A Birdie now has its own website. Do visit it and see what we’ve been up to. For example, there are photos of the 80 birdies that have been created at the Friends of St Anne’s Library’s (FoSAL) workshops, plus much more.