Fylde DFAS At Night: Curtain Up: the Story of Blackpool’s Jewel in the Crown: Matcham’s Grand Theatre

An evening lecture with cheese and wine

Thursday 25 April 2013, 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm at the Glendower Hotel, St Annes

The first Fylde DFAS at Night event will be a lecture with a local theme, ‘Curtain Up: the Story of Blackpool’s Jewel in the Crown: Matcham’s Grand Theatre’. The speaker will be the dynamic and engaging Honorary Archivist, Linda Tolson MBE. there will also be an opportunity to view the archive, presented by the theatre’s Vice President, Geoff Tolson.

The event will be held at the Glendower Hotel, St Annes, which was also the venue for our very popular afternoon tea event held late last year.  Tickets cost £16 each and include cheese and wine. They will be on sale at our upcoming lectures and can also be purchased from the Glendower Hotel.

The thinking behind the Fylde DFAS at Night event is to encourage some younger participation – from those who are currently in full-time employment and unable to attend our afternoon lectures – to get involved and be inspired, like us, by arts education, conservation and heritage, so that when they retire, they will automatically become DFAS members.

The event is, of course, open to members but we are also throwing it open to the public, so if you have family members or neighbours whom you think might be interested, please do invite them to come and join us. Based on the success of the evening, we plan to organise other similar events in the area.

Tickets are £16 each, including cheese and wine, and are available at the Fylde DFAS lectures and also on sale at the Glendower Hotel. If you prefer, you can purchase your tickets by post.


Below are photos of this event