Cassandre Style From Kharkov To Jeeves And Wooster

Wednesday 1st June 2011

Charles Harris

Multi-award winning Creative Director, Charles Harris specialises in the history of the most exciting form of advertising, the Art of the Poster. He offers a wide ranging series of lectures and presentations on the development of Poster Art from the nineteenth century through to the propaganda posters of the Third Reich and the techniques of modern advertising.

Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, known as Cassandre, was a style guru in an age that swaggered with style. Highly influential, his work was at the polished centre of Modernism. His designs and illustrations were a playground of sweeping curves, bold zig-zags and sumptuous streamlining. Cassandre will always be loved for his stunning high-fashion posters promoting Cunard liners, luxurious railways, avante-garde bars, and sultry cigarettes in the years leading up to the austerities and privations of a second world war.


Below are photos of this lecture