The Original Olympic Games

Wed 4th July 2012 at 2pm

Dr Ann Birchall

Ann Birchall, BA (Hons) (W F Masom Scholar) Classics and PhD Archaeology, London University is an archaeologist (land & underwater) of international reputation and formerly Assistant Keeper at the British Museum. She has extensive lecture experience at home and abroad, including China.  In 1978 she was guest speaker at the Woman of the Year Luncheon. Ann is a writer and broadcaster on radio and television

This lecture traces the origin and early development of the Games which began traditionally iin 776 BC at ancient Olympian Greece. There are marked similarities to, but also some surprising differences from the modern series introduced in 1896. Lavishly illustrated by classical art – fine paiinted vases, and sculpture in clay, bronze and marble, the lecture will mark the next Olympics in London in 2012.

The lecture was followed by afternoon tea for all our volunteers – photos below.


Below are photos of this lecture and our Volunteers’ Afternoon Tea at the St Annes Pier Cafe