Art and Photography

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Monica Bohm-Duchen

London-based freelance lecturer, writer and exhibition organiser, Monica Bohm-Duchen, has lectured for Tate, the National Gallery, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Open University, Sotheby’s Institute of Art and the Courtauld Institute of Art. She has also been an Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck College since 2005. Her publications include, ‘Understanding Modern Art ‘(1991); ‘The Nude ‘(1992); ‘Chagall’ (1998/2001); ‘The Private Life of a Masterpiece’ (2001); and ‘The Art and Life of Josef Herman’ (2009). She is currently working on a book on art and the Second World War.

“Every significant moment in art since the 1960s has asked, implicitly or explicitly: ‘What is the relation of art to everyday life?’ And so often that question has taken photographic form. Why? Because it is an everyday medium.” (David Campany, Art and Photography) Using this claim as a springboard, this lecture will explore the complex and shifting relationship between art and photography since the 1960s by focussing on key aspects of that relationship: art, photography and popular culture; the role of photography in conceptual art; photography, art and the Vietnam War; photography, art and feminism; and art and photography in the digital age.