My Day in the Life of Salvador Dalí

Wednesday 6  February 2013

Peter Webb

Peter Webb has degrees from Cambridge and London Universities and a Doctorate from the University of East Anglia. After a lectureship at Coventry College of Art, he started teaching the first degree course in England on the subject of The Erotic Arts at Hornsey College of Art in London in 1970 and lectured extensively on related topics at universities and colleges throughout the seventies and eighties. He published his influential book on the same subject in 1975, later reprinted and updated. Subsequently he as written books on Hans Bellmer, David Hockney and Leonor Fini. After Hornsey, he taught at Middlesex University in London, and he retired as Reader in the History of 20th Century Art in 1996.

In this lecture he will give an account of the fascinating day he spent with Salvador Dalí at his house in Port Lligat, Spain, in 1962. This will lead into an examination of the extraordinary ideas present in his paintings, which seem to illustrate many of Freud’s theories in his Interpretation of Dreams even though Freud himself found them difficult to fathom.

Peter Webb has his own website, which can be found here.


Below are photos of this lecture