Andalucía: the Arabs in Spain – the art and architecture of al-Andalus

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Sarah Searight

Sarah has a degree in Modern History and an MA in Islamic Art. She is a historian and journalist specialising for many years in the Middle East; she has published an extensive number of books and articles on the subject. She now lectures on Islamic art on special tours to the region.  Her latest book, Lapis Lazuli: in pursuit of a celestial stone, was published in 2010.

The lecture focuses on the development and glories of Moorish art and architecture in al-Andalus – Andalucía – from the Arab invasion of the Iberian peninsula in 712 to the expulsion of Muslims from Christian Spain in 1493. It will also look at similar developments in North Africa. It includes an overview of ceramics, ivories, metalwork and textiles, all influential in European medieval decorative arts.


Below are photos of this lecture